openGLCD.h for 128 x64 GLCD

Using the openGLCD library to drive a 128 x 64 GLCD. The MCU board is a UNO.

I just want to display 4 characters - maximum of 99.9% which should occupy the maximum display area.

I am looking for a suitable font to use.

I am right now using the fixednums15x31 font which ships with the library. This is reasonably big but would like a bigger one and also a font which displays the % symbol. The fixednums15x31 does not display the % symbol. :frowning:

You haven’t really fully stated what you really want/need on the display.
I’m assuming it is just what you showed above.

There is a 36 point font which is a bit bigger.

Fonts can be a real pain sometimes.
I never got around to supporting some of the other formats which would allow using some of the other pre-made font files.

If you can work with variable width fonts, you could use use the openGLCDFontCreator to create your own font.
It is a bit finicky to set things up to get it up and running, but once you get it up, it is ok.
Some fonts have number digits that are all the same width, so if you can find a font like that, then even though the fonts are variable width, you will still end up with fixed width numbers.

Worst case you could play games with text areas to create a text area for each digit to place the variable width numbers where you want them and not have to worry about their varying widths.
It wouldn’t be as easy as simply printing a number as you would have to print each digit separately to each text area, but it could work.

For the % symbol, with the fixednums font, if the % is a in a fixed location, you could create another text area just for the % symbol and use a different font for it.

— bill

Thanks bill.

Yes what I showed is the maximum value - I am trying to display percentage from 0.0 to 99.9.

The 36 size font CalBlk36 is not very impressive. And not very big anyway...

I tried to use the openGLCDCreator ...but there were too many parameters and I tried to import a SanSeriff font. Though I ended up created a file, it was not useful. Is there any tutorial on this ??

The FontCreator tool is an old tool (10+ years). It was originally used for a different library, and then was used on the ks0108 library that was the pre-cursor to openGLCD.

Sorry, there isn’t any sort of documentation for it.
It’s been a long time since I’ve used it. It has some issues, but generally if you fumble around a bit with it, it can be coerced into generating a usable header file.

I’d have to go back an look, but I thought that there were a font that was larger than the bignums font.

— bill