Opening a circuit

Hello, I have a project where I need to open some parts of my circuit to cjarge my batteries, can you help me to find the best way to do so
Thanks !

A screwdriver is often useful for opening things.

If you don't find that answer helpful then, neither is the amount of information you have provided.


Oh thanks, but this isn't what I mean by openong a circuit, in fact I have two 18650 batteries with theyr module to harge, and one module only can charge on battery at the time, so I have two modules. But, I need to have to run my arduino (esp 8266 node mcu) with a 5-10v volts voltage and for this I need the two batteries to be connected together. In fact, I need to open my circuit in some points not to make the wires melting. So, I want to open my circuit while carging and using the micro usb alimentation to power my arduino in this case, and I want to use the batteries when they are not charging. Do you have an idea please ?

Why not get a second set of batteries so you charge one set while the other is powering the Arduino?

Why not get a charger that is designed for balance-charging a 2S LiPo?


Because I want a closed system where I only need to charge it when I want, and I thought buying this modules will be the best choice for me.

I’m not sure what you are trying to do ...but you could look at having each battery supply the load via a diode . You can then charge each separately without affecting the other.

Can you post a circuit of what you have now, including the batteries?

Thanks.. Tom.. :slight_smile: