opening a vertical door

iv attached a picture of what im trying to do. i just want to know what methods i could use to do this like useing a servo and a rod or something else, thanks

So, as your title says, you want to open a door - solenoid and counterweight, release solenoid and door falls open.

Project No2 - develop means of also closing door

Seriously you could do much worse than using a simple RC servo motor and a control arm as you rightly suggest.

I think the method you offered should work fine provided the servo has enough torque for the lift required. The anchor point of the arm on the door will have to be positioned closer to the door hinge. - Scotty

Or get a linear actuator from not cheap, but a great range of stuff from what I've seen. I read about them just the other day on a Meccano site.

They say that the "-R" ones operate exactly like servos. I surmise that instead of sending degrees you send linear position?

Hi, You really need to tell us what size and weight this is...