Opening and closing a visor

I'm a neewbie when i comes to programming and I dont realy know where to start. What kind of command do you use to let a motor work for a set amount of time at the push of a button. How do you make it return to starting position at the push of the same button?

You need to start out by going to the Arduino tutorials and reading up on servos. there is lot of info and code samples there. What you want to do can be done several ways, but probably a servo is the most common.

Thank you so much. Well now I can get started. :smiley:

Hi Bru_on,

If you are looking for a good reference, get a copy of the Arduino Cookbook by Michael Margolis. It is an excellent reference for anyone starting in the hobby.

It is well written and leads one through a wide variety of programs and projects -- including motor controls.


Do you mean a motorcycle visor because if so there are numerous complications, not directly related to the Arduino itself.

I won't go into it though until I know if that's what you are talking about! :slight_smile: