Opening code from a non standard folder


I have two local installations of the Arduino IDE on my PC and my laptop but I moved my sketches to a shared folder on OneDrive.

Not if I open an .ino from that folder the libraried incuded there are not found.

How and where can I add my local library folder(s) to the Arduino include path?


The Arduino IDE searches for libraries in the "libraries" subfolder of your sketchbook folder. You can configure the location of the sketchbook folder in the "Sketchbook location" field of the Arduino IDE's File > Preferences dialog. Make sure to set the ske to the folder that contains the "libraries" folder, not to the libraries folder itself.

yes - I know - but since keeping libraries on a shared folder is not recommended: is there a way to use local a library folder - but keep my sketches shared?

keeping libraries on a shared folder is not recommended

Just out of curiosity, why is it not recommended?

is there a way to use local a library folder - but keep my sketches shared?

We've already been over this in your previous topic:

Why did you start a new topic just to ask the same thing all over again?

No - not the same thing. I had my sketch and library folder on OneDrive and ran into several problems.

Now I have two local installations - but now I got a new issue of installed libraries not being found.

In the meantime I reinstalled my local libraries and the issue is solved - maybe something was cached.

Thanks again!

Unless a shared item has 100% uptime then using shared resources as a primary place for sketches can and will at some point fail.
A small glitch on onedrive or anything similar has led to a few issues for users of those cloud devices.
A search of the forums would reveal they are a reasonably common experience.

Having onedrive or similar SYNC the folders but retaining the original on the mainly used computer is a viable option.

Other than providing a place to put files so they are more portable / accessible the SYNC also makes a useful role as a backup of sorts.
Just dont rely on it for constant access.