Opening Shell Files Arduino Code

I am an Arduino noob so excuse me if I say something stupid. I'm doing a project for school and part of it involves running a shell command based on the output from the Arduino. I've got almost everything working correctly except that I found out there is no way to open files with an Arduino command. At first I tried this:

if (total1 > 20)

After some google searching, I realized this command doesn't work with Arduino.

I later found out a gobetwino which does exactly what I want to do, but it only works for Windows. I am running on a Mac and can't go to Windows because of time constraints and having to change significant portions of my project. Is there any other way to open a file with an Arduino command? I don't need it to read or return anything, just open the file.

Thanks in advanced.

Hello and welcome,

You created the same topic yesterday, why not reply to it? :slight_smile:

For your problem, no there is no way to do that directly from the arduino, I suggest that you program your arduino to send Serial commands to a custom program on your mac (can't help you on that), and this program would open the file if it received the correct command.

Thank you! I'll try that