Opening shutters on windOws

Hi all,
I have 6 windows with external shutters on them here in france. I want to be able to open/close them using Alexa etc

There are products out there that do this but they are 200 euros each.
Motorisation volet 2 battants THOMSON - 500015 - LabelHabitation
They use a special cranked arm which I can buy separately so I have a good template for the others.
Bras droit pour volet battant (pièce 12)

Now I need a solution to turn the are through 90degrees. The above item uses a worm drive is suspect.
But I was wondering if anyone has a good idea for a motor? Suggestions welcome:-)

The above item uses a worm drive is suspect.

I don't know what you had in mind when you wrote that.

A worm-gear drive is a convenient way to get a large gear reduction and also to have a mechanism where the force on the shutter cannot move the motor. Why would it be suspect?

Another interpretation of your words is that the item uses the motor to drive a lead-screw to convert rotary motion into linear motion. That is also a very common system - why would it be suspect?


PS ... by the time you have designed, tested and created a system that is sufficiently robust and reliable I think you will conclude that 200 Euros is not an outrageous price.

Is suspect = I suspect, blame spell check!
Yes, I have looked at motors and servos and the costs quickly add up. 200e doesn’t seem bad at all.
However, the minimum 85cm space required will be. I may contact the manufacturer and see if there is any way it can be made to fit an opening nearer 50cm...

How about hacking windscreen wiper motors (from scrap-yard)? Worm drive built-in.

That’s a possibility for sure. They are pretty powerful.