Openlog - Recording hourly readings of many metrics

How would you go about recording many metric data of long periods on to a 4gb sdcard using Openlog?

I need to log some data on to an sd card using Openlog, it works on serial communication I dont know so many major important stuff on serial communication and I'm not sure where to start.

Openlog can be found here: SparkFun OpenLog - DEV-13712 - SparkFun Electronics

I'm getting metrics and environmental data from a small greenhouse and I would like to get scheduled readings every hour. I dont want to bore anyone with details of the code but structure-wife I get loads of data using Serial.print for example Serial.print("Are Lights On? "); Serial.print(LightStatus);

I'm using an RTC module so getting the clock isnt an issue but how would you go about getting these readings? I'm hoping I can output to EXCEL by using CSV format but not sure how.

The metrics I record are:

Date Time,
Indoor Heat
Indoor Humidity
Indor Light - Lumens
Outdoor Heat
Outdoor Humidity
Outdoor Light - Lumens
Main Water Bucket Water Status
Humidifier Water Status
and such.....

I'm getting metrics and environmental data from a small greenhouse

So your Arduino is already receiving data? Via the OpenLog module or some other means (eg directly, via sensors attached to the pins)?

If your Arduino already has the data (which you sort of indicate as you can print it to the Serial Monitor window) then you could just attach an SD card module and log it directly. No need for the OpenLog module.

Can you clarify this?

Yes arduino is receiving data from sensors. However since I'm not so familiar with Serial Communication stuff I cannot figure out how to control the data sent to Openlog.

I use serial monitor in Arduino IDE to review my code and its outputs so there is a whole lot of stuff that I send to serial. And of these I only want a few to be sent to Openlog's Sdcard. And I want those to be sent every hour if possible.

hi, I sort of achieved what I wanted to do by using ARduino Mega's second TX line. I conned the Openlog to TX1 on mega and basically can control the serial information sent to the openlog.

Seems that is all you need to do. Openlog appears to be just a fancy name for an SD card module that works on serial. Since you have an RTC, you just need to send data to SD when the hour changes.