OpenMV IDE crashing on Mac

Using OpenMV IDE to follow these instructions:

It crashed immediately as I click OK for "Install the latest release firmware (v4.1.1)". That's what it says rather than "Reset Firmware to Release Version". The crash is quite reproducible.

MacOS Big Sur 11.6, OpenMV IDE 2.8.1, ARduino IDE 1.8.16.
Had already loaded Nano33_updateBLandSoftDevice which said it flashed correctly but did NOT result in being asked any questions about updating the bootloader or "want to install the softdevice".

Where do I go from here?

I don't have any experience with OpenMV IDE, but you might try starting the OpenMV IDE from the command line. Once it crashes, check the contents of the terminal window you started it from. It might have output some text there that will provide a valuable clue about what caused the crash.

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