Opensource G-code enabled firmware for servo based Robot Arms

Arduino is a really great opensource framework for people to make the idea become real, but I am really sick of some Robot Arm manufacturer (mostly in the great great great China) building their product on Arduino and then claim that it is ALL their own creation. (And try to make money from students)

I put this hobby project open-source with a view to enable everybody make good use of existing opensource Robot Arm hardware.

Some great makers already open-source their design, they can be found easily in Thingiverse/Google:
#MeArm (My personal favour)
#EEZYbotArm MK2

This software respect the basic protocol of G-Code, so every GUI g-code sender can be its controller.
(My personal favor is this Chrome Base G-Code sender)

It is my first time to put my software opensource and documentation may not up-to the standard.
Please feel free to voice out anything you want to know/need to know, so that I can improve the documentation.

GitHub Page:

Some additional Documentation on my Blog:

If you want to see what can be done by this firmware, please have a visit on the following playlist: