[OpenSuse 12.2] - as : unrecognized option ' -mmcu=atmega328p'

Hi everyone,

I am facing two different problems (?). But let me begin by giving my configuration :

#Hardware AMD Athlon 64 3000+ CPU --> i386 FTDI cable arduino ethernet pro

#Software Opensuse : 12.2 Arduino : 1.0.1 avr-gcc : 4.3.3 as : BFD version 2.22

to avoid a lockstatus failure (lib_lock_dev_lock() lockstatus fail, are you in group 'lock' ?), which unable me to choose the serial port, I have to lunch arduino as root. No matter if i'm doing :

chmod 755 /var/lock
chown root.lock  /var/lock

(as root) or any other udev exceptions etc...

So once arduino is lunched as root (no more problem with the lockstatus), I want to compile my sketch but then i got :

as : unrecognized option '-mmcu=atmega328p'

the entire command is as follow :

avr-g++ -c -g -Os -Wall -fno-exceptions -ffunction-sections -mmcu=atmega328p -DF_CPU=16000000L -MMD -DUSB_VID=null -DUSB_PID=null -DARDUINO=101 -I/usr/share/arduino-1.0.1/hardware/arduino/cores/arduino -I/usr/share/arduino-1.0.1/hardware/arduino/variants/standard /tmp/build[i]blablablablabla[/i].tmp/sketch_nov06a.cpp -o /tmp/build[i]blablablabla[/i].tmp/sketch_nov06a.cpp.o

return --> as : unrecognized option '-mmcu=atmega328p'

So...now what ? i tried to reinstall the cross compiler and arduino but ... no effects any ideas? thx


So …

I can’t explain why … but i fixed the issues by following this → http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,48415.0.html

which means:

Step 0: Un-install avr-libc, cross-avr-binutils, cross-avr-gcc, JRE and avrdude.

Step 1: Install with Yast: avrdude

Step 2: Install with Yast: avr-libc, (cross-avr-binutils and cross-avr-gcc44 will be installed automatically in order to resolve dependencies)

Step 3: Install with Yast: Java RxTx

Step 4: Add symlinks as described at the playground-page from a terminal-command-line with: find /opt/cross/bin/ -iname “avr*” -exec ln
-s -t /usr/local/bin/ {} ; (as root)

Step 5: Download Arduino 1.0.2 linux (32 bits in my case)

Step 6: Use the Yast-User-Group-Management and ensure, that the arduino-user (you, or a guest) is member of the dialout and the uucp-groups. (<- did’nt change anythings, for arduino software to work well, I still have to lunch it as root…)

Step 7: Enjoy :wink:

I hope it can help someone and for those who aren’t, please let us know…


I tryied one last thing, re-install throught the Yast button on the www.arduino.cc/playground/linux/OpenSUSE page and i still don't end up with an arduino working software.

Finally just download the linux32 or 64 soft version here : http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software extract-it run it as root