openvpn yun / dragnino shield

Hello. When trying to setup a working openvpn server on a dragino shield I found it a fairly complicated process. After much experimenting (literally days) and finally getting it to work I decided to write a script file to help me automate the process in the future. With this script it takes me about 15 minutes starting from nothing to a working openvpn server. In case this would help anyone I have attached the script. I apologize for not documenting the code very well - I ran out of time. Use at your own risk! I accept no responsibility should you damage your hardware or setup. To use it:

  1. I use winSCP and put the file in the /etc directory of the Yun.
  2. Set property of file to executable, can be done with winSCP or PuTTY - [chmod 700]
  3. From PuTTY execute it by typing ./
  4. It will install or update the openvpn / easy-rsa files.
  5. then it will walk you through creating the server.conf file, all the keys and finally allow you to create multiple client files.
  6. You will need to copy any client files you make to your client(s) I use winSCP for this. NOTE: the client files need to be kept secret.

I have tested it using a dragino shield attached to both a Mega2560 and a Due with openvpn connect client software installed on several android platforms. I found using a 1024 key it worked perfectly every time. Using a 2048 key is hit and miss. I have not lived long enough to get it to work with a 4096 key. Maybe someone could figure that out.

makeOvpn.h (11.6 KB)