OpenWeatherMapForecastDemo by ThingPulse

Good day,

Has anyone on the forum used "OpenWeatherMapForecastDemo"?

I downloaded the sketch onto a WiFi D1 and the connection to OpenWeather and responses are largely successful except for a couple of idiosyncrasies that puzzle me and to which others may have encountered:

  1. temp, tempMin and tempMax all have the same value.
  2. MaxForcast of 3 days gives me every 2nd day, e.g. Sun, Tue and Thur (should be Sun, Mon, Tue).

While assembling the sketch it failed on the reference to "gmtime" in OpenWeatherMapForecast.cpp.

I modified OpenWeatherMapForecast.cpp wherein I deleted references to "gmtime" as a test. Assembly was then successful.
This modification of mine may have some effect on point 2.

Also, any print lines with %f e.g. Serial.printf("temp: %f\n", data[n].temp) fail to print the float value. Just prints "temp &f". I used dtostrf to circumvent this print float problem.

AdduinoIDE 1.8.4, Time 1.4.0, ThingPulse 2018