OpenWrt upgrade issue

I have just installed a micro SD and attempt to updated OpenWrt v1.4 to arduino Yun. After the update, I configure the Yun for wireless setup inc. new usid and password, etc. However, when I want to try to login again with the new usid and password, i received the following message :

Failed to execute call dispatcher target for entry ‘/webpanel/homepage’.
The called action terminated with an exception:
field ‘day’ missing in date table
stack traceback:

: in function 'assert'
	?: in function 'dispatch'
	?: in function <?:194>

Could someone tell me what is happening and how I recover from this? Thanks.

I’m investigating. Thank you for the heads up

I confirm the issue. I've fixed it but the update will take 2 days to be published. The fix is tracked here field 'day' missing in date table · Issue #12 · arduino/YunWebUI · GitHub

In the meanwhile I've changed the link in the download page, switching back from 1.4 to 1.3

[1] Prepare YunSysupgradeImage_v1.3 files, placed under micro SD memory card root directory.
[2] using SSH connection log in to your Arduino YUN. (WLAN or LAN)
[3] login as root.
[4] Enter: run-sysupgrade /mnt/sda1/openwrt-ar71xx-generic-yun-16M-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin
[5] The output on the console will look like this: ( Please wait a few minutes)
run-sysupgrade /mnt/sda1/openwrt-ar71xx-generic-yun-16M-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin
Sending TERM to remaining processes … uhttpd dbus-daemon dnsmasq avahi-daemon thd ntpd uSDaemon sleep syslogd klogd hotplug2 procd ubusd netifd
Sending KILL to remaining processes …
Switching to ramdisk …
Performing system upgrade …
Unlocking firmware …

Writing from to firmware … [W]
Upgrade completed
Rebooting system …

[6] After Rebooting system, SSH connection will be disconnected.
[7] test arduino.local URL link can be properly connection.
[8] Congratulations to reset back to firmware version 1.3 :wink:

P.S. my English is not good,please forgive me. :sweat_smile:

Reference Source: ---- [Upgrading Using the Terminal paragraph]

Just another note. This OpenWrt v1.4 seems to work fine when I remove the micro SD card. So for now, I will probably stick to this until a fixed version is available.

Indeed. The problem is with a part of the webpanel that compares the version of openwrt-yun on the sysupgrade file with the one that is running on the yun. If there is no sysupgrade file on the sd (or no sd at all) the bug is not triggered