Operating a push switch with Arduino


I would like to know if it is possible to operate an actual push button with some sort of Arduino switching.

I have a photo frame which is operated with three push-buttons. Already stript the casing off and the buttons are mounted on two leads. When i put a metal strip from one lead to the other, it makes contact and operates the frame-button.

What i want to do is solder two wires to the leads and let arduino make the contact to emulate the push.

just starting with Arduino, so have a little patience with my ignorance :)

I tought just make a connection with two leads to the arduino, program a on/off like switching a LED on/off. Put a resistor on the positive lead to reduce the 5v to 0v. This would make the physical path, to operate that switch without actual power.

Am i on the right track, or do you say "No Noob, completly wrong...."

Any help is greatly appreciated

Yes, that is a very easy thing to do.
Use a little telecom relay to keep voltage between units isolated.

Thank you CrossRoads for your quick reply :D And it goes with a sketch, Great!

Now on a search quest for that RELAY REED SPST 500MA 5V here in The Netherlands :~

Thanks again!

Can be any simple relay. Make sure it's a 5V relay with low coil current. 25, 30mA tops. Lower is better.

Found myself those relay's, made the proto .... and working like a charm! Thanks crossroads :D