Operating HB100 backpack with Arduino Due


For a project I need to connect a speed sensor module with an Arduino Due and calculate the speed of an approaching object.

the sensor is:

The sensor already output a signal that its’ frequency represents the speed of the object.

I would really appreciate any help understating how can it be connected and operated by the Arduino, and how can I sample its output?

If more details are needed I’ll be happy to supply.


Fixed the link, sorry.

I'm not sure but it seem's like one of the output is a AC voltage with frequency proportionnal to speed so you could use an op amp to convert it to a square wave signal and use the pulseIn function.
Or you can use the other output that seems to give a DC voltage that is proportionnal to speed and use ADC to mesure it with the coefficient printed on the board.


I have the same requirement as OP and also the same sensor. The respons from AloyseTech didnt ring any bells to me. Is there anyone around here that can help me connect the sensor to an Arduino?

saw this post couple of years old. iam having the same problem/question. How to connect HB 100 beakboard or LM358 Op Amp to HB 100.