Operating system

Hello, Experts.
I have a senior project that I need to work on this semester. I acually started working on it using arduino, however, our Prof. Just came to us this week and asked us to include Operating System into out project. Our project is about Automayed Drip Irrigation System.
We have know idea how to add an operating system to the project we haven’t even took this course before. So We need your recommendations about which operating system can be used wih arduino or if you have any pther plan please provide us with it..
thank you ..

First have the professor define what he wants in the “operating system”. There is a big difference between an operating system like Linux or Windows and a menu system for an LCD and some buttons to choose operating parameters for an irrigation system

An Arduino can do several things "at once", similar to task scheduling by an operating system.

You will find that technique very handy for timing an irrigation system.

See this tutorial and this one.

Convince your professor that this is an operating system for Arduino.

Convince your professor that this is an operating system for Arduino.


If you are a senior student I’m sure your Prof will expect you to know enough to say X is not appropriate.

Or switch your project to a RaspberryPi


IMO this is a pure academic exercice because irrigation software doesn't need an RTOS....

Anyway you can stick to an arduino either with a scheduler or an RTOS: