Operating temperature


I'm working on a project using the Genuino Uno and when it's finished it's supposed to be used outdoors. When studying the power input, I found that the onboard voltage regulator's working temperature range is 0–125 ℃.

When looking at the Uno specs, I can't find anything about operating temperatures, but I guess below 0 ℃ is out of the question. Is this true for all Genuino/Arduino boards? If I want to be safe down to at least -20 ℃, do I have to build my own Arduino/Genuino? Or is it easier to just make sure the temperature never goes below 0 ℃ by using some kind of heater or something?

I have had Arduino running fine in an environment around -10 but I never bothered to get scientific about it. If you are running off a 9v wall wart with Arduino in a reasonably sealed box, I imagine the regulators would keep it pretty warm.

I plan to use it in an electric moped (scooter) in a sealed box. Winters are not as cold as in the 1980's and earlier, but there's still a possibility to colder weather than -10 ℃ occasionally, but I guess you're right, it kind of warms itself up a little. I guess I should be more worried about the LCD display I will use…

I'm not sure about the real limits, but in general I'd be more concerned about heat, especially if you are "powering" extra things from the regulator, or pushing transistors & MOSFETs near their current/power limits.

On the cold-side, moisture condensation or frozen moisture condensation would be my biggest concern. You said it's sealed, but relative humidity increases as the temperature drops so you can seal-in warm-dry air and when the temperature drops you can end-up with cold-moist air.

And right... The LCD is probably the "weak link" (maybe with both hot and cold).

This may answer the LCD question. https://www.digikey.com/en/articles/techzone/2014/dec/selecting-lcd-modules-for-extreme-temperature.

Sunlight will have the most immediate effect on LCD displays. They may not recover.


Ok, thanks all for replying! Your answers were very useful. :slight_smile: