Operators not working

Hi all, I have two different variables LHAP and RHAP and they are to increase by 1. When either LHAP or RHAP hit the max its to return back to the main menu. LHAP can have a range from 10-90 and is user input RHAP can have a range from 10-90 and is user input

void raisebothbags()
   ++LHAP;  // Increase by 1
   ++RHAP; // Increase by 1
   if (LHAP >= 90) // If equal or greater
       LHAP = 90; //LHAP MAX
   if (RHAP >= 90) // If equal or greater
       RHAP = 90; //RHAP MAX
   if (LHAP == 90 || RHAP == 90); //or operator. true for either, I believe the problem is here because nothing below is working
        lcd.print("MAXIMUM   HEIGHT");
        return; //return from where invoked from (main menu)
  digitalWrite(LeftInflate,HIGH); // Send pin HIGH
  digitalWrite(RightInflate,HIGH); // Send pin HIGH
  digitalWrite(LeftInflate,LOW); // Send pin LOW
  digitalWrite(RightInflate,LOW); // Send pin LOW

I have tried many different ways to get this to work but just cant see it regards crazy

This is a problem - lose the semicolon:

   if (LHAP == 90 || RHAP == 90);

But even so, that routine will return to main menu anyway after the digitalwrites - are you expecting it to loop?

thanks wildbill, It works. Why didnt I see that before. Its in a sub program.