Opinion on connecting an arduino to an rc car motor

I am planning to connect my arduino uno to an rc car for a school project. I am wondering whether I should connect it on a breadboard with a transistor and all that or just pick up a motor shield. I've seen more people connect it with the breadboard, and from what i've seen it isn't that hard. But I would like it to be kind of compact. There is a robotics club in my school and one of their members has offered to help me with soldering, so that's not a problem. I can go either way. Just looking for some opinions, and if possible, tips. I almost made the mistake of hooking it into the arduino without anything special but that was quickly shut down by the robotics club and the internet at large. So, breadboard or motor sheild?

I have an RC car that i'm planning on hooking up to my arduino uno for a school project. I want all the motion to be pre-programmed into it. Should I use a breadboard with a transistor and all that stuff so that I don't blow my pins or should I use a motor shield?

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