Opla IoT - control 230V fan speed with AC Light Dimmer

Hi everyone,
I'm new to Arduino and IoT. I made some of the projects tutorials on my new Opla IoT Kit, and I've bought the Robotdyn AC Light Dimmer 1ch. to control my 230V outlet fan. The fan is to powerful, and therefore the roomtemperature drops to much, which means I've to control the fan speed accordingly to the roomtemperature. These settings should also be addressable through the IoT Cloud App.
I would really appreciate if some of you could post links to projects that contains elements of what's needed to make this work.

Pinout for AC module: https://robotdyn.com/pub/media/0G-00005677==Mod-Dimmer-5A-1L/DOCS/PINOUT==0G-00005677==Mod-Dimmer-5A-1L.jpg
INO file: RBDDimmer/SimplePotentiometer.ino at master · RobotDynOfficial/RBDDimmer · GitHub

the Kit has MKR?
can you use this 'library'?

Motor details??
Most 240ac fan motors don't work too well on light dimmers.

its an inline duct fan 230v/50hz/12W. 130m3/h.

It's to complicated for me at this stage- but thanks

did you look at the example?

it is only setup() and setPeriod()

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its an inline duct fan 230v/50hz/12W. 130m3/h.

Sounds like a shaded pole motor and dimmer will not work on them.

OK. Then what kind of motor should it be?

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