Hi Guys,

I am lost and dont know what to search for...

Can someone paste some code for me? or help me make a circuit?

I think it is simple? Not sure!! in my head using a relay would be easy but I don't want a relay running at 10Hz! or faster!!!!!

Basically I have a frequency Generator here, and It outputs a 5V Signal that goes High and Low! I want to make that signal have an opposite signal as well!

EG: if I have the 1st signal output High (5V) I want signal 2 to be LOW (0V) and If 1st Signal is Low then 2nd Signal will be High!

I want to continue to use both Signals 1 and 2! so If I need to make a 3rd Signal having signal 1 be used by a circuit ?! so be it!

Do I need to use a arduino to do this?

thanks Shaun

Hi, Welcome to the forum.

Can you tell us your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

You will not need arduino to give you the signal you need.

What you are after is, from your square wave that goes from 0 to 5V you want an INVERTED square wave that goes from 0 to 5V.

A transistor or digital inverter IC will do what you need along with a 5V power supply.

This will show you the principles of inverting, even using a single transistor to provide your inverted signal


Tom... :)