Optic fiber network

Hello everyone,

I am quite beginner with arduino.
I have a project involving optic fibers in a natural landscape.

The idea is to survey sound in real time in four different independent places and light four "bunch" of optic fiber according to the level of noise in the environment. The light intensity of each bunch is linearly correlated with the level of noise in the environment.

The idea is, technically, that wireless microphones are sending sound data to a FM station connected to a raspbery Pi (or something else) hosting a program using this input to convert it into a "light intensity" in real time, and sending this information to an arduino (which one?) which control one (or several?) LED optic fiber illuminator.

I am trying to figure out whether or not it is possible to control the light intensity (white gradient) in optic fiber through the control of, let say, four LED illuminator with arduino in real time. I tried to search for "led illumator AND arduino", I have found this post : Remote-controlled fiber-optic Ceiling Light with Arduino - Open Electronics - Open Electronics

Does someone already did this ?
Any advises would be appreciated a LOT.


Hi, sounds way over-complicated to me. Why not abandon the FM links and fibre optics and simply have 4 Arduinos each with a microphone and a light source to control?