Optic Flow Kinetic Lights

Here’s a new project I just finished - Optic Flow. It’s a functional light sculpture that changes shape, as well as color. At the heart of Optic Flow is an Arduino Uno, with custom-made electronics enabling the light sculpture to change the way it looks. Ten individual BlinkM LED light pendants are synchronized to make unique light patterns, and custom-built winches raise and lower the lights creating unique shapes that are coordinated with changing colors.


Coincidentally (!) it has just been selected as one of the finalist contenders in Engadget’s “Insert Coin” awards. This is a competition to find the most promising crowd-funded hardware of the year. If I’m voted into the top 10, I’ll go to New York to present on stage and have a chance at winning seed funding.

I’d be delighted if you like the idea of Optic Flow and put in a vote for me! Vote here: http://insertcoin2.engadget.com