optical encoders

hey everyone so im relatively new to arduino but so far my projects with it have been easy enough. my latest project however i dont know where to start. im trying to accomplish 900 degree rotation on my racing wheel its a logitech momo i had a g27 but the main board died and i wasnt able to get it repaired so i started using it for spare parts to improve my momo. im trying to find a way to take the inputs from the optical encoder of the g27 and output them as the optical encoder from the momo the main difference between the 2 as far as i can tell is CPR im not sure what the cpr of either encoder is all i can tell you is that the g27's is significantly higher than the momo. my first thought was to take the input from the g27 and divide it then output the result to the momo but i dont know if that would result in inacuracy. any ideas?