Optical Heart Rate Sensor & Internet of things

HI! I'm going to be totally honest, and admit that I am some what lost in the world of elecrtonics - My experience is limited to programming an 08M chip in Picaxe (and that was a good few years ago now).

I have a project underway, and desperately need some guidance - If anyone has any info they could spare me I would be so grateful.

My project is based on the Pulse-sensor Amped optical Heart rate sensor - It will take signal from the sensor, and give visual & haptic feedback to a user via RGB LED's and a vibration motor. I also intend the project to be compatible with a cellular phone for recording and recalling the data in more quantitative form -

herein lies my problem - I don't know which Arduino board to purchase. I have seen the YUN and Blend boards, that look like they would be applicable, but in honesty I am lost.

If someone could point me to a specific board, that would be fantastic!

Thanks in advance,


UNO should be sufficient,

do you have a link to the datasheet of the Pulse-sensor Amped optical Heart rate sensor ?

HI - there is a link on this page "PCB design files"


  • promts a download of .zip folder. in the .zip is a spreadsheet with parts list and data sheet links for each, listed below

http://www.avagotech.com/docs/AV02-1169EN http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/devicedoc/21733j.pdf http://www.kingbrightusa.com/images/catalog/SPEC/AM2520ZGC09.pdf http://www.bourns.com/data/global/pdfs/SBCD0603_1005.pdf

I haven't been able to find a dedicated data sheet for the sensor other than those for its constituent parts.

I have bitten the bullet and gone for the UNO - the guidelines on the pulse-sensor website note several compatible boards but i was advised by a friend that UNO would be the best option considering my experience level.