Optical mouse sensor use as wire diameter sensing device

hi, currently i am working on a university project of winding wire from one spool to another. during this process we need to measure diameter uniformity to each place of this wire. so we would like to use optical mouse sensor. we need a tolerance up to +/_.004 mm as the wire dia is 1.00mm to 3.00mm. Can any one help?

I dont think 4 microns is realistic with a mouse sensor. You also have an issue that the wire will be moving about.
If you can control the position of the wire as it is spooling perhaps you could use a microscope and an image sensor (camera)?

Dear John,
thanks for your reply.

  1. if i want to use mouse sensor without considering this 4micron tolerance then how is it possible by using arduino.
  2. yes the wire is moving. i have read that the mouse sensor can refresh 1500 fps rate and sense the difference of displacement. So can we count the pixel of the dark wire from the image. then we will measure the area.

my concept- if we can measure the dark pixel of the pixelated image then we have to count the area. if the area increase the we ill get the difference and can calculate the increase or decrease the dia of wire.
what do you think!!

Not FPS, DPI is interesting for that tolerance. For resolution of 0.004 mm maybe need sensor with above 6350 DPI.

Dear flashko,
thanks for reply.
i am not worried about the tolerance. actually i want to measure 1.00mm - up to -3.50mm wire (e.g, 1.53mm, 1.75mm, 1.95mm, 2.10mm, 2.45mm etc). here I can allow tolerance up to two digits. but my main target is to measure it using optical mouse sensor or any other low cost sensor through Arduino. and please remember i need a graph that shows every second data of diameter. thanks.

You may be able to use the filament width sensor used in 3D printers.
Various mechanisms are created by hobbyists.
Please googling this word.

hi chirs,
my wish is to measure it without any contact. which is possible only in optical sensing technology.

Please take a closer look.
It's have an optical system that uses a linear sensor array.
It's not just a contact type.

mouse sensor

do you mean you need a graph that shows the diameter in mm to 2 decimal places?
ie 10 microns?

If the wire is 3.5mm and may be within a field of view of say 5mm you need to resolve to 1 part in 500 so you need a linear image sensor with 512 (or 1024) elements

Dear John,
you guess right. i wanted to use ADNS5050 or any available optical mouse sensor i can obtain easily. but if it is not easy to use then i can change my mind. In that case i have to buyer the below linear sensor in below image.

In both case you are correct that i need to measure the wire whose dia is not above 5 mm. besides the wire will be moving so i want to have a record in a graphical format in minute vs diameter as below image.

if i get this kind of value then i could able to control the drawing speed. like while the thickness rises then it will pull more and while it is less the pull less.

i need to know the Arduino code and interfacing with sensor. thanks.

Hmm, I suspect there are other ways, especially for a metal wire, perhaps using mechanical properties - stiffness for instance is a very sensitive function of thickness. Some sort of acoustic oscillations could be induced and sensed - but I am speculating wildly here.

Why do you wish this when you already have to have mechanical contact with the wire to force it to wind smoothly on the take-up spool? OR are just winding it up in a random wad in the second spool?

If you want somebody to do all the work for you (Arduino code and interfacing with sensor) you will need to pay them. There is a seperate section on the forum for commissions.

Alternatively you could do some simple coding yourself and try this sensor

as i want learn this so i would like to request you to help me out on that simple coding. :blue_heart:

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