Optical sensor liquid level

Good afternoon, can you help me please: i need to connect 2 fluid level sensors (BL13-TDT NPN) to arduino. Sensor documentation is attached to the message. power supply is separate, and provided via 24 V power supply board . Help me please draw a diagram and a sketch.

autonics_bl.pdf (337 KB)

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Here is the relevant connection diagram.

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I apologize for the hurry, I need to connect two optical sensors bl13-tdt to arduino mega 2560 and read the travel time of liquid between them. But I'm just starting to learn arduino and C ++, so I can not draw the sketch myself. Also there is a problem with connecting sensors, I have a separate 24 V power supply, can I use it? You provided me with a connection scheme, but I do not understand what load I should use, is it arduino? Thanks for the answer. Thanks in advance.

24V is too much to power an Arduino.

The "load" that's a pull-up resistor. To read this kind of open collector output with an Arduino, connect this between the output and the +5V of the Arduino (NOT to the +24V!), connect grounds, and connect the output to an input pin of the Arduino. For safety, add a diode (Schottky type is preferred).

The output is active LOW. You will have to check whether that means "water" or "no water".

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