OptiLoader Help !


I am having no success using optiLoader to program an ATMega8, the process is failing here

result = spi_transaction(0xAC, 0x53, 0x00, 0x00);

based on the following output -

OptiLoader Bootstrap programmer.
2011 by Bill Westfield (WestfW)

Target power on! ...
Starting Program Mode...spi_init done...spi_transactionspi_waitspi_waitspi_waitspi_wait...Done - Failed, result = 0x0

Target power OFF!

Type 'G' or hit RESET for next chip

anyone got any ideas ?


Duane B

same thing here with an atmega328 that I was able to program previously, but not anymore.

I think that in my case I had one or more pins connected wrong, I have since managed to program 3 out of 6 ATMega8's I am assume that for the 3 I can't program I have locked myself out by sending junk to set the fuses while the wiring was not correct.

Let me know if you find out its down to something else, good luck,

Duane B