Optiloader with Arduino Uno - No reset pullup detected

Using my Arduino Uno R3, I've tried loading bootloader on an external ATmega 328P-PU chip using Optiloader following the instructions here: http://3g1l.com/blog-burn-bootloader-blank-atmega328atmega328p-arduino-uno

I'm receiving the error message, although I'm positive I've wired everything correctly. Any ideas?

OptiLoader Bootstrap programmer. 2011 by Bill Westfield (WestfW)

Target power on! ...No RESET pullup detected! - no target?

Target power OFF!

Type 'G' or hit RESET for next chip

Do you have the 10K resistor shown in the layout diagram? Do you have it connected between pin 1 of the target processor and +5V? Have you checked the voltage on pin 1 when the target is powered up?

Watch out for some longer breadboards that have a gap mid-way down the power rails. Check for continuity between +5V and all the points connected to it.