Optimal Arduino board for a multichannel system.


I'd like to have your advice about the optimal Arduino board today available for a multichannel system acquisition data.

I'd like to measure EMG via 4 EMG sensors (18 electrodes) coupled with a tension sensor and a camcorder video signal:

EMG (I want to read the raw signal) + Force (I want to read the raw signal) + Video (I want to watch the video synchronized with the signals).

Which Arduino board best would suit this kind of project? I would use a windows or Mac OS and I can consider LabView, Matlab, Mathematica as software.

Any advice?



i don’t know what kind of signal you get from the EMGs - but i think they are in some way analog?
so if you have 4 analog + 1 analog for the force you need an arduino with 5 analog ins.
you can use a UNO or Leonardo - the UNO has 6 analog ins - the Leonardo has 12 analog ins
for the camcorder video signal the best way is to use a computer directly.
to log or capture video with arduino could be possible - but to store such amount of data i would prefere a computer based system.
so eventually your camcorder has firewire?! so if you have a firewire interface on your computer and driver software for the camcoder it is the easiest way.
you can program the arduino so it will just send the raw sensor readings to the computer over a Serial Interface. (it is connected with USB but shows up as Serial COM Port)
the last - and i think trickiest thing is - you need a software to log the data synchronized.
you can look if processing is capable of doing this?!

sunny greetings stefan

You don't say, so I will guess that these sensor inputs are all analog. Decide what sampling frequency and resolution you need for the sensor inputs. This will determine how hard it will be to capture the data, whether it's feasible with an Arduino and what your options are for implementing it.

The Arduino won't have anything to do with the video. Probably, you will end up with an architecture where the Arduino feeds sensor inputs to a PC in real time and some application (that you will have to find/write) on the PC will merge/display/store the two streams (video + data) in whatever format(s) you choose. If you only want to overlay the data onto the video, the simplest solution I can see would be to write a video processing application based on ffmpeg which reads the incoming stream, applies the overlay and then displays it and writes to a file as required. That part has nothing to do with Arduino but is not especially hard to do.

Thanks guys.

The EMG signal (and the force one) I would get is an analog signal to send to an analog-to-digital converter. Now the question is the resolution of the ADC.

My EMG signal would be at the skin level about uV10 to 100 mV. An amplifier is needed (x1000 - x10.000). So, since 1mV could be an important value I would need an accuracy of at least 0.05 - 0.1mV.

Is the Arduino board good at resolution?