Optimal Power Supply


I am trying to build a small robot based on the arduino Uno.
There are going to be 4 motors and i would like some power source recommandation.

There are:

  1. 3 DC Motors which work with either ≤200mA at 6V or ≤150mA at 3V
  2. 1 DC Motor which work with < 500 mA at 3.7V
  3. One Arduino Uno with around 5 v and 40 mA

Can you recommand me a rechargeable Power Supply for this kind of project? I was planning to buy a 9v rechargeable battery with 1A.


Most probably the motors have to be controlled by PWM, so you can use a battery of about 5V to power everything. A lower voltage is possible, but then a controller board with a lower operating voltage should be used.