Options for briefly powering Arduino + sensor using human force (button push?)


The idea is to have some sort of button which provides power from sustained pressure, with enough voltage to power up an Arduino and run a sensor reading, maybe writing to a e-ink display.

Does a button like this or anything similar that provides power from human input exist? I found some stuff about piezo buttons (piezo question, similar quora) but I don't think they generate enough consistent power...

Hand crank is one option, any others?

I realize using a battery would be much easier, but the project is about human power.


Google hand electric generator.

Ah yeah forgot to mention I came across hand crank generators too, but I don't like the ergonomics of having to crank. I was hoping there was some other way using just pressure from pushing a button or something, but this is a good backup option. thanks

If what you are saying was true, then adding a 2 ton weight to a component like this would make a perpetual motion machine. :thinking:

Well I'm imagining the button would slowly depress until it bottomed out at which point no more power.
but the perpetual motion machine isn't a bad idea I'll look into that too :wink: \s

...is potential energy, which can't ever generate power. Basic physics. Static forces in equilibrium don't require any energy input, and don't generate any energy output.

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