Options for Serial ports (timeout) and Aero glass

I have 2 minor suggestion, I am actually capable on fix this problem on my own, but it will be nice to have this fixes on all systems:

-I have bluetooth in my machine, so com port identification is very slow (30 secs or more), every time I open the menu containing that serial com selection. If I disable my bluetooth, it works very fast. It will be nice a option to make some "exceptions on the serial enumeration" or set a custom timeout

-Please update the java runtime included in arduino to support Aero Glass

-At last, I don't know how arduino ide takes so long to start (about 2-7 seconds) maybe it is for the library search at startup who knows? Maybe a timeout option for this will be fine, or a exception lists


Maybe is not so simple the solution. I have been investigating about the delay, I discovered that:

for(Enumeration enumeration = CommPortIdentifier.getPortIdentifiers(); enumeration.hasMoreElements();)

is the problematic function. The "getPortIdentifiers();" delays about 30 seconds if I have my bluetooth dongle connected.

So the problem resides in the "gnu.io.*;" library.

A workaround would be to set an optional parameter for Windows to use a port range and generate that Enumeration with a simple for sentence using "getPortIdentifier("port_name");".

:frowning: it is not so simple, I have replaced the problematic function, and the IDE appear to be fast, but any “serial” action is always delayed, for instance uploading some pde or activating the serial monitor with my usb dongle is almost 30 seconds of waiting.

I use bluetooth a lot, but probably until the java RXTX library gets fixed will be better disable the dongle while using arduino, just look what I mean:

(I am using devcon from the windows console, but its the same if you do that from devmgmt.msc)