Options for wireless remotes?

I want to connect an Arduino/Ethernet Shield to a network, and send it simple commands wirelessly. The Arduino should get/parse the commands and do something on then network accordingly. These are simple commands. Like 5 buttons on/off.

If I use Xbee, do I need an Arduino at both ends? Or does the Xbee itself have some digital pins on it I can use for input? I want my remote to be small.

I could also use IR, but line of site is a hassle. How about blue toothe? What else is there?

Is that "like 5" buttons? Or "really 5"?

You can buy receivers with keychain remotes for about $10-15 on ebay, but I don't recall seeing more than 4-button ones. I could be mistaken, though.

Note that the the really cheap ones come from China, and take 2-3 weeks to get to the US by mail.