Options to have Bluetooth communication

I need to use BT and make the Arduino (ATMega 1280) talk with a PDA which support BT. I am looking for HW options and to know a little about your own good/bad experiences in this area.

By the way, is it possible to purchase the ArduinoBT? If not, what is the alternative. This is for a similar, but a different project I have.

Easiest way I've found to go bluetooth is to use a stock bluetooth module. Examples include

  • Bluetooth Bee - basically an XBee but for Bluetooth wireless instead of ZigBee. There's a shield for Arduino and libraries to go with it. Not cheap but not expensive.

  • The way I do it is to get something like a BlueSmirf bluetooth module - it breaks out to a simple 6 pin header which you supply +5V and GND as well as TX and RX which you can hook up to the TX and RX pins (digitial 0 and 1) on your Arduino. Nice and simple and looks just like a serial connection so from there just do whatever you would have normally.

I've had good success with this (other than that the datasheet initially on the BlueSmirf gave the wrong baud rate for the factory settings - once I worked that out it was fine) connecting it to various devices including bluetooth in a laptop, various PDAs and tablets and my Android mobile phone (use Amarino!)

cheers ajfisher

If you don't know what to put for poll options, why are you conducting a poll?

I have a bluesmirf silver, it worked ok for arduino to PC but i do not believe it would work to a phone/pda. It only serves as a serial link and the phone probably wants a bluetooth headset.

Thanks for the comments. PaulS: first time using this interface and I messed up starting a poll here.

Questions: I just purchased 4 different HW options, including the Bluetooth Bee. I need to evaluate performance and power consumption tests with them.

The bluesmirf option seems to be very expensive.

I understood so far that I do not have to worry about the Arduino interface. It is only a matter of configuring the serial interface and use the correct ASCII dialect for each BT device.

But I am not sure about the MASTER/SLAVE option. If I have both options, what option to use at the Arduino side? By the way, I will use the BT communication solely for text-transfer. Actually, I will use the it as a way to config my final Arduino-based device using a PDA. I would like to avoid the usage of cables to achieve this goal. Also, BT is easily available and I "just" need to create the PDA application (other issue to worry... - at the beginning, I will use a PC for the tests).


@bill2009 - I have a bluesmirf silver as well - works totally fine on everything I've thrown at it - admittedly I haven't tried a keyboard or mouse but I reckon I could make those work. 3 different phones and two nokia tablets all no probs at all.

@ionito bluesmirf come in a range of options - you probably don't need a super high end one I use a silver which is about $40 (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10269) - and as it's on a breakout board, whack some headers on it and you can reuse it on something else later.

What are you doing with MASTER/SLAVE between bluetooth and arduino?

Cheers ajfisher

I have an arduinoBT which I would happily sell.

mind you, I am selling it, becouse I could not figure out how to use it with windows7. Having said that I did give up after less than a day and other people have had success. Apperently with a mac there is no problem at all...

check out the price from Sparkfun and maybe search the forums for threads on the board and then make me an offer. My board is in perfect condition, I basically did not use it. (I am currently in Canada, in Ontario. If you are too by a wierd chance of luck, we could arrange a physical exchance. If not we'll figure something out... )


Hey fkeel - if you're on Win7 why not try a live version of Ubuntu Linux - you should probably be able to get it up and running easily then - I use Ubuntu as my main development set up (well the only set up I have these days not being a Mac or Windows compatible type person) and BT seems to work quite easily.

Cheers ajfisher