Options to write and process serial data from arduino into a graph using a rpi

I have a arduino measuring voltage of a battery. I would like to process this data into a graph. I found some ways already, a lot of them for Windows machines.

I know I can read the serial port with putty and have it wire a log into a file, I can then process this manually. It would be nice to have this done automatically with some kind of software where I could change some variables to have difrent kind of graphs.

So let me know what you have been using on your Linux based systems please

Just write it yourself in Python, it’s not hard.

The Arduino IDE, ARM version, runs on Raspian and has Serial Plotter as well as Serial Monitor.

GoForSmoke I wod have to look into the plotter then. Did not know it had a plotter too. Is it possible to adjust the plotter output, for example scale?

If so and I would use the plotter, can I save the output too?

There is no serial plotter showing under the tools tab. Only serial monitor....

There is no serial plotter showing under the tools tab. Only serial monitor....

What version if the IDE are you running? There has been a plot option for the last three years at least.

Arduino is what it says.

Arduino is what it says.

Oh a Linux user. As such you will be used to this sort of response :-

That is a very old version, and yes it does not include the serial plotter.

See this from 2016:-

And again a typical Linux response:-

The latest real version of the IDE is 1.8.7

Just got my RPi 3+ weeks ago. My Arduino IDE is from then and it does have the plotter. IIRC the 64-bit ARM version is what worked, the Linux versions did not.

The IDE has come a ways since 1.0. I stuck with 0023 until IDE 1.5 changed my mind.

Will have a look at the manual install. Some new information for me about the repositories.

In the mean while I'll keep on looking for recommendations for software that can plot a graph and save it afterwards. As far I came with my research I the arduino plotter is only realtime.

How about using LibreOffice? I don't so far so I dunno which is the spreadsheet but those usually have graphing.

LibreOffice calc! Looks like I'll have to move my log file to my laptop. getting 1 million readings into a chart freezes my pi for a significant time.....

Something I learned long ago writing interpreter basic on slow computers (4Mhz 8085) is to not waste cycles that your interpreter hasn't. Don't buffer then process if you can help it and pre-process what you can. If possible use table-lookup in processing, AVR's let you store multi-K const data in flash.

You can pick up load at the RPi end if you use more sends and integrate what it gets in between. If anything you can spot and correct or sound alarm for errors before they pile up.