Opto isolate Temperature and humidity module SDA Serial data


Is it possible to isolate with optocoupler this sensor: Temperature and humidity module AM2305 ? http://dl.btc.pl/kamami_wa/am2305_ds.pdf

Using separated power 5VDC for the sensor isolate SDA pin for reading, writing sensor data I think I need bi-directional optocoupler

If possible please help me a simple circuit draw to understand it :cold_sweat: Thank You

A two-way open collector optocoupler... I have to think about that... okay, I did think about it. There are optocouplers for I2C, that is the same (this is 1 signal wire, I2C has 2). This page is about a that: http://www.embedded.com/design/prototyping-and-development/4025023/Opto-electrical-isolation-of-the-I2C-Bus

There are chips for that, I never heard about them, but I found these : ADuM1250, Si840x, HCPL-060L, and so on.

Thank You I'm working on it.

DId you find a solution in the end?

piashaw: DId you find a solution in the end?

Since Mayerf stopped posting I assume it worked. A quick thanks would have been nice though eh?

Sorry for late replay!

Yes I solved it find a circuit as Peter_n mentioned http://www.embedded.com/design/prototyping-and-development/4025023/Opto-electrical-isolation-of-the-I2C-Bus.
Figure 4: High-speed opto-couplers achieve 100kHz operation

Working perfect