optocoupler interfacing with arduino to get square waves

hi all
I am very confused as to how I should approach a circuit design after reading all datasheets and various blogs on optocoupler. whether load should be in collector side or emitter side.My aim is to pass square waves from Arduino to a MOSFET driver (TC4427A)as fast as possible.I didn’t have a spice model of the FOD817A optocoupler to simulate and check it.I know there is optogate drivers available but since I had only these, I have to interface coupler with gate driver for now.I have attached the data sheets of the optocoupler and driver.I will be grateful if would help me.

FOD817.pdf (482 KB)

tc4427datasheet.pdf (838 KB)

I'd put the load (resistor) at the collector side, dunno what subtle parameter will change when placed at the emitter side. If you have a scope, you can check both versions for eventual differences in rise or fall times.

If you want as fast as possible, don't use an optocoupler. The one you link to has a delay of up to 18 microseconds.

Now if you would explain what you're trying to do, we'd be able to actually provide suggestions.

am trying to run a power MOSFET to create high voltage pulses in ranges of milliseconds

Have you already tried circuits without optocouplers?