Optoisolator expansion board

Does anyone know how to wire 1 output with this board? I have tried a few variations, but still get some very weird outputs. I believe I may be wiring or coding it improperly.

Here is what I’m using: https://hacktronics.co.in/rs232485-usb-ttl-converters/4-channel-opto-isolation-module-high-and-low-expansion-board

Show Your diagrams and code. Looks quite simple.

The code I used was a simple analog read code from the sample libraries, but I don’t have it with me now to do a diagram

Why would you perform an analog read of a digital input? That board is designed to isolate four digital signals of different voltages, it is not an analog device. The datasheet you referenced details how to wire it.

Perhaps you should explain what you’re trying to do and why you’ve used that board.

I’m actually new to programming as you likely know and was suggested to use it for this project. I’m working on converting an led signal into an input. I tried photoresistors, but didn’t like the bulky size

acdavis1999: I’m working on converting an led signal into an input.

So just to clarify, you have an existing apparatus that shows has some leds that are on or off, and you want to monitor their status as an input/s to some other thing you are making?

If that's correct, do you have access to the electrical inputs to those leds and if so what voltage is that; or can you only monitor those leds by "sight" so to speak, optically?

This is one of those cases where a diagram will save loads of time.