OptoIsolator to switch low current 24VAC

i have some TLP781F optoisolators left over from a previous project.

i am building a controller for a HVAC home unit. can i use these to switch AC current at low I.
i don’t have any SSR’s on hand and am not crazy about the sound of the relays clicking. not in this project at least.

i have used these opto’s before and they work just fine. i just dont know if i can do AV voltage with them.
if not, im open to different suggestions.

It wont do AC. (except 1/2 periode .. below 7V)

you can rectify the 24VAC to get DC
remember adding the cap you will get 1.414 times the AC voltage, so your 24VAC will be about 35VDC
calculate for your opto using 35VDC.

Not sure if you can half wave rectify and get it to work 100% of the time.

or course you could always get an AC rated opto.

ok thats what i planned to do with the power for the uC. either a bridge rectifier and/or buck regulator.

but for switching i think i may be better off using SPST relays. i can use the optos to switch power to the coil of the relay and pass 24VAC through the legs of the relay.

im trying to turn on / off the HVAC control lines so i wouldnt be able to use the above suggestion as it would be DC output and the HVAC runs off of AC

thnaks alot but im seeing what i originally planned for is not working out. looks like i have clicking relays in my future.....
or maybe triacs...