OptoMOS or PhotoMOS-Relay

Hi I am looking for help regarding relays. So I want to be able to output from an Arduino Pin (40mA) a trigger that than makes an OptoMOS or PhotoMOS-Relay switch and than closes a circuit that needs up to 4A and between 3-24 V. This is for controlling/switching on/off via Arduino a motor. It would be fantastic if anybody could tell me a product that would be capable to do this. Thanks for the time! :)

Often you just need to know the right words to search for. In your case you want a DC SSR (solid state relay)

Thanks for the response. I knew I was looking for that. But I got lost finding an actual product that has my specifications. Is there one anyone can recommend. A link to a product?

Hi, This has 4 power FETs (Field Effect Transistors] and is optically isolated from Arduino:

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