Orange text error during upload

Next time I will write it down. The green LED blinks a few times briefly. Using v1.0 IDE. Usually I just power cycle the Uno by unplugging USB. Sometimes I exit IDE, restart it. I've even rebooted my laptop. Sometimes this error continues after those! The only solution is to leave the Uno off, for a few minutes. I gave up in frustration. Then everything is fine. How can this be? Is it somehow related to my other posting in Troubleshooting? This seems impossible to me, yet it keeps happening. The hardware this happens on is not the hardware that blinks 13.

What the error says?

I realize this is important now. Will try to remember next time. The reason I didn't write it down is because it happens often where I have to restart the IDE, so I didn't see the value of knowing the exact error. When I chose to take that step I had no idea it wouldn't solve the problem. When the more common one happens I will write down that too, since I believe it is the same error. My main point of posting is this question:

How does it get better after 15 minutes without power? (but not after 15 seconds)