OrangeRX used for sending data files


I am trying to get one of these: See attached, to send NMEA data from a GPS. I want to send data from a distant object back to me, but if it is also possible to send control (As radio control) to the remote object this would be better.

I am able to do a little programming in QBasic or similar, but not C+ which I think Arduino is programmed in. I would be able to change some elements of a program e,g, frequency etc.

I am hoping for someone to help me by posting a program for these modules please.

Here is an example that I found online, that looks to me to be similar to what I need.

Camerart (28.7 KB)

Is the Orange device that you provided a picture of a transmitter or a receiver ?
I am familiar with Orange RC receivers and you can get Orange modules to fit in FrSky transmitters. Can you provide a link to the device pictured ?

Hi Bob,

These modules can be programmed as either or both.

There is a slightly different one, that is orange and fits into an RC transmitter, I think they are the same chips etc.

Here is a link to the radio control releases: Releases · openLRSng/openLRSng · GitHub



Is there no interest in this project? I would have thought it interesting to program inexpensive modules like these for many uses.


I don't know about the OrangeRX modules, but the frSky DIY transmitter module and the newer receivers have the usual 8ch RC for control and telemetry which allows for your own data. The format can be a bit tricky, but in essence you send serial data from something like an Arduino to the serial port on the receiver, and it'll come out of the serial port on the transmitter module. Not too surprisingly, GPS is one of the common uses.

Hi Beige,

I'm pretty sure that the OrangeRX modules will work as you suggest, as a radio control with telemetry sent back to the Transmitter. I haven't managed it yet, but I'm sure I will succeed.

Having said that, I'm guessing that these modules, could be programmed as only data transmitters, where it might be possible to send video if the full bandwidth was used. I don't know enough about how much bandwidth these modules have. I hope someone will advise me.

Cheers, Camerart.