Order a Smartphone to take a photo with arduino

Hi !

My project is to program and make a 3D scanner that will take photos of an object through a smartphones that will be made into a 3D model by another program so it can be printed later on.

As for right now I handled most of the other part and I just need a method for my card to command the smartphone to take a photo using a bluetooth connection.

What I'm asking is what kind of command I should send via bluetooth to get an appinventor app to take a photo.

Thanks for your help.

An iPhone can use the volume buttons to take a photo. Don't know about Androids. You could hijack a cheap bluetooth headset and bridge the volume buttons there

Unless things have changed since I looked at doing something like this in AppInventor (maybe 1-2 years ago) it wasn't possible to take a photo without operator intervention. I believe you can have your application open the camera app and you can get a signal back to your app from the camera app when a photo is taken, but someone has to press the button in the camera app to take the photo.

In any case, if you're writing the Arduino program and the Android application, you can pick any message string you like to command the Android app to take some action.

Hello again.

I came to a problem. I made a simple app on appinventor real fast because the arduino program could not trigger the camera and I seem to have a problem with the app.

This app is just a button that is supposed to take a photo when clicked.
But when clicked all it does is opening the camera app of my phone.
It didn't take any picture. Do you know what might be the problem ?

Do you know what might be the problem ?

You're asking your question in the wrong forum?
You haven't given us enough information?

My bad I did put the second problem on the wrong forum.

My new problem is that now the idea of using app inventor with arduino for my project is now confirmed to be impossible.
The only command that app inventor have to take photo is actually z command to open the camera app of the phone.

So now I'm asking again :

Is there a new way I can use my arduino card to command my smartphone via bluetooth to take a photo with its camera when I want it to ?

AFAIK, BT selfie sticks present themselves to the phone as a BT keyboard then just send key-presses to activate the camera. Maybe the same could work for you in your use case.