Order! Develop module for weather balloon

Hello dear community
I have a private project with a weather balloon in planning
Now I am me informed about everything on and organize this includes of course the planning and organizing of materials and technology.
The currently most difficult hurdle gives me the required module with which I can trigger some processes by servos via a countdown / timer or barometer
far as I know this is a GPS / GPRS / GSM/Radio/and so on actively at an altitude of 30,000-35,000 meters not possible if there is a possibility that I would Technick this allows very interested. This is now so feasible for the construction of a control and possibly data module, the components may be obtained according to my research all in countless variations and implementation. But my limited knowledge in this area I'm on help from an insider / instructed in order to realize the project.
Before describing the operation of the module and the required operations accurately and in detail I want to know where someone is seriously interested with the necessary expertise in this contract? Of course I'm bound to a budget but the implementation is of course remunerated appropriately and satisfactorily!
About a lot of interest, I would be very happy!
Thanks in advance greeting Nanox

I just sent you a private message.