Ordering libraries

Anyone help with this? - still not fully up to speed with Arduino (busy) I had a previous version running on Win 7 Pro 64 bit. this was fine. I'd added the Rfid and Neopixel libraries just fine.

When the Arduino Duemilenove was plugged in, I could go to File > Examples where I would see 1 - Basics to 10> Starter kit, then Arduino ISP at the bottom of that list.

Then I'd see an Alpha sorted list Bridge EEPROM Esplora and so on.

Prior to the recent update to 1.6.4 I had the RFID and Adafruit Neopixel files/folders in this list, they WERE in Alpha order, since the upgrade they are now at the end of the list.

They are in Alpha sort order in file manager, but when the IDE is running they have an odd order.

Can anyone see what I've missed or offer any suggestions?

The update process said, "none of your files will be harmed in the making of this update" LIES. I'd hoped it would keep my file structure as per the previous set up, this does not seem to have been the case.

I have another PC to update, I'm happy with the sort order on that one, I'd be interested in any suggestions someone could offer? Ta.

I think this is correct behavior for the new IDE.

Thanks for the reply but unsure that is the correct IDE behaviour. I tried INSTALLING (rather than copy pasting in to folder structures)the Neo pixel Lib, and it is now at the top in alpha sort.

Unfortunately I now have another problem, I installed one RFID master library over the top of another, the new RFID libhad less in it than the old, so I tried to revert, unfortunately I can't, and I can't see how to remove the smaller RFID lib, I deleted it from the Libraries folders, its gone, but it still appears in the Libraries options in the IDE.

Anyone know how to KILL a library item? In the Manage libraries it shows as intalled, but there are no options to uninstall.

Any suggestions? McP