Ordering PCBs from JLCPCB


I am currently trying to order PCBs for a robotics project in an effort to make the wiring more simple and neat.

I have noticed that a company called "JLCPCB" has a hold on a large piece of the market and that their prices are very competitive.

However, I also came across several sources saying that JLCPCB is a Chinese manufacturer. After a bit more research, this seemed to be true.

I am somewhat hesitant to enter credit card information into the website for a Chinese manufacturer.

Does anyone have experience ordering from JLCPCB?
Is JLCPCB reputable?
Are their products riddled with defects as a result of their low pricing or are do they usually turn out well?


I've not used JLCPCB but I have used oshpark in the USA (i'm in the UK) for a few boards in the past, which I've hand assembled. I've thought about using JLCPCB because of their assembly option but they don't seem to have the component I wanted to use.

I haven’t ordered from them, but check out Great Scott on YouTube. He makes tons of projects, and JLCPCB usually his sponsee (watch some videos, you won’t regret it).

However, I have ordered from other Chinese websites such as Banggood and Aliexpress, and have had no problems with the. In terms of money. Now that I think about it, almost every single electronics maker on YouTube (Great Scott, Electronoobs, Andreas Spiess, etc) all use JLCPCB and DDElectrotech use ps PCBWay

In short, the only think you have to worry about us if your design is good, everything is handled just fine

I have ordered from JLCPCB and I am satisfied. I have also ordered from other Chinese PCB manufacturers. For now, I prefer Boktech (also chinese manufacturer).

Depending on your point of view, you may want to look outside China in the current geopolitical climate.

I previously used PCBWAY for hundreds of boards, but moving elsewhere for personal preferences.

I’ve had good luck with PCBWAY.

You should be able to use PayPal.

I have been extremely happy with JLCPCB. Any you can't beat the price. The only downside is the delay in U.S. customs.

I am also considering using their assembly option. (Anyone here done this?)
From what I read, they will source just about any part you need.

I like EasyEDA software from jlcpcb and design with their chips.
First negative review.
Boards are good but they change chip and parts suppliers often. My stereo Jack design had to change due to parts not available and pins not matching.
Boards are hood.
PayPal isolates your identity.

Thank you for this information!

I have now looked at PCBWay and you are right: you cannot beat the price.

One question: How long is the package containing the PCBs held in customs?

I have decided (though more expensive) to source my parts for this first prototype from amazon.

I have been able to find some deals that have very competitive prices per unit.

However, if I decide to make multiple robots that use this controller, I probably will use JLCPCB's components library because at that point I will know the PCB works and that I won't be very rushed to do the first test.

Amazon's deals are not always the best, so in that case I would order it from their components list and hope that the parts are in stock.

Usually 3-4 weeks, but I have received some packages in two weeks.

It is however, extremely difficult to actually follow such a philosophy. :roll_eyes:

What makes is even harder is when the gov't sponsors manufacturing leaving. Other gov'ts help fund business like solar power and chip makers.
the last 4 years was the first time if 30 years that any effort was made to increase manufacturing in the USA.

I don't have solutions, but I would advise that if you need 1 part and 10, 20 or 100 parts are only a little bit more, get them. during the lock-down, nothing was moving and if it was not in my stock, I didn't get things done.

I have been a happy customer of JLCPCB, but i discourage anyone from using DHL for shipping.

But there are considerations for almost any nation in the world by now. I consider a country that did not want to sign the 'Kyoto treaty' to be an enemy of humanity.

Just had my first 5 boards from JLCPCB and very happy with them.

For the difference it makes now, JLPCB are in Hong Kong, which for the present is slightly more palatable. I have had many orders and they have all been at least as good as expected. My only beef is that everytime I submit an order for build, some component is unavailable. Redesign with a component showing thousands in stock, resubmit and find that that one and maybe another is now unavailable. Four times I went round that loop with my last design and due to fatigue, I didn't notice that I had specified 5V relays instead of 12V. So now I have 50 unwanted 5V relays and have had to replace them.

You mean to say it was - cough, splutter, gag - Trump? :astonished:

Hmmm. I live in such a one! :roll_eyes:

Every president has done great things.
Trump brought more jobs to America than any other in the last 30 years. That is simple fact.
Lowest unemployment. Simple fact.

Remove politics and the facts are documented histoty.

We will see if that continues or if it changes.

Currently China is making very agressive move like what was witnessed in the 1930s.
The point is that if we see a repeat of 1939 we will not be able to get cheap stuff and the USA may have a standstill for hobby electronics.


That’s a simple fact.

Hi again!

I think I now have enough information to move forward.

I just wanted to thank you all for your input.

I am leaning toward PCBWay.