Orientation request

Hi guys. I am new to arduino and programming. I want to do one project but dont know how to do it. I mean i know what i want to do but dont know how. I am sure there is some where on this forum was this kind of discussion or tutorial. So i just need help to find it,please.
I want to do motion activated camera that activates by motion take a few pics and turns off automatically. If motion detected again,camera turns on and takes pics again. And i want to control it by arduino and PIR sensor. And also i want to add some IR LEDs for night vision.
Please,if there is some where this kind of tutorial or project description, give me link.
If not, i hope you can give me a hint how to do it. I think it does not matter what kind of camera is it. I just need to hack it and connect wires to on/off button and shutter,right? Pics can be stored in cameras memory card.
Thank you very much!

Click Here!

Thank you very much. I was looking in google but i was using "motion activated" and results were different.