OS for Arduino.

How can I make an OS for Arduino? Can it have a touchscreen display? Can a advanced OS be made such as android?

Have you ever made an OS? There are touchscreen shields for Arduino. Not even close.

Arduino have a much "smaller" processor and can't handler a big OS like android. For that you need a "bigger" processor like a 32bit ARM. But if you question is only about "have a touchscreen display" you can have it even without a big OS.

None of the above. The Arduino is not fast enough and does not have enough SRAM. Also for most of the purposes for which it is used the absence of an Operating System is a major benefit.

If Operating Systems turn you on, use a Raspberry PI. Or maybe an Arduino Yun which has a version of Linux in one of its processors.


This is the closest thing to an OS I've seen on Atmega328.

you could use the intel Galileo, it has lots of ports and with the intel Atom, increased RAM and has an onboard linux terminal it could be a possibility.

What about arduino tre. Can it run Android?

Saarisht: What about arduino tre. Can it run Android?

The Tre is still wishful thinking.

I don't understand why you are asking these questions.

If you have an application that requires the Android operating system buy hardware that can run it.

If you have an application that requires an Arduino you don't need an operating system.